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The Cottonwood Club alludes to times gone by for both

founder Julia Tobey and American nightclubs.


Julia grew up in Centennial, Colorado surrounded by the 

dry Piney Creek and huge Cottonwood trees.

She often escaped to the dry creek and was always enthralled with the legends of magic and healing surrounding the trees. Listening to the sound of wind through their leaves was her favorite "instrument" of nature.

The notorious and equally celebrated Cotton Club was a legendary 1920's nightclub in NYC's Harlem with an ugly history of discrimination

despite being owned by boxer Jack Johnson. The Club helped grow the careers of artists including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Lena Horne, Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington, to name a few. History tells us these performers were paid very well at The Cotton Club.


Around the same time, the Creole Palace, dubbed the "Cotton Club of the West" in California was completely black-owned and catered to primarily African American guests.


At our Cottonwood Club, we aim to provide the best in entertainment and fun where everyone is invited to don their best Gatsby threads and forget their worries. Our Club is intentionally inclusive and we hope to engage and elevate guests of all backgrounds.


We can't rewrite history but we can do our darnedest 

to change the story going forward. 


Come join us at Cottonwood Club Denver for a step back in time -- taking from the best parts and leaving the rest behind -- to an extraordinary experience unlike any other.

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Call  720-638-6377 M-F  / 9-5 MST



The Cottonwood Club is hosted in Denver, CO

New Year's Eve 2019 is at EXDO Event Center

Valentine's Day is TBA

This inclusive speakeasy and Gatsby-inspired soirée

is produced by Give 5 Productions  


Denver, CO   ©  Copyright 2019

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