Night Club, Cottonwood Club, Gatsby, Night club near me, Denver, Colorado

A night club is an entertainment venue that provides music and a place to dance. People go here to celebrate, to have a good time and to dance their worries away. You would think that this is probably not the place for rules, but you can follow these steps to have the best time partying.

Night Club, Cottonwood Club, Gatsby, Night club near me, Denver, Colorado
 Cottonwood Club September 2019,
Night Club in Denver, CO

Follow the dress code.

              Night clubs usually enforce dress codes, so it’s better if you check the dress code of the particular club you’re going to. Generally, clubs don’t allow sneakers and shorts. Ladies, do wear heels that you can dance in for hours because it’s certainly not fun to be in pain for the rest of the night. This is your chance to take those fancy dresses and suits out for a spin. As we always say in the Cottonwood Club, the fun starts with dressing up!


Bring a friend.

                  Aside from security purposes, we think that having a trusted companion helps avoid that awkward moment upon entering a club full of strangers. Spending the night with friends also ensures you have a great time, especially if you’re not eager to meet new people. Parties at the Cottonwood Club are so memorable that you’d want to share the experience with your gang.


Don’t bring huge cameras.

                  We know how essential it is to have photos to remind us of good times, but taking pictures in the club can be tricky. Photos come out dark and blurry, so it’s best not to spend so much time on this. Huge cameras are certainly a no-no when going to a night club. A small purse that contains your phone and wallet would be enough. We, at the Cottonwood Club Denver, know that you want souvenirs so we provide a photo booth and a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of you having a good time.


Get pumped up even before going into the club.

                  If you’re new to the nightlife scene, you may feel awkward upon entering a room full of strangers. How do you get into the partying mood even before the party? It’s easy. Play your jam while preparing. This will get you pumped up and ready to hit the dance floor once you set foot in the club.




Don’t stay in one spot. Meet new people.

The night club is probably the worst place to have deep conversations, but it is a good place to meet new people. You won’t have the most personal conversations, but you can communicate through your dance steps; that could even be more intimate.


Let loose. Just dance and enjoy.

                  At the Cottonwood Club Denver, we invite you to lose all your prohibitions. This is the perfect place to let yourself shine, not minding what other people think of your dance skills. Just enjoy and dance the night away.

Night Club, Cottonwood Club, Gatsby, Night club near me, Denver, Colorado
 Dance the night away at Cottonwood Club September 2019,
Night Club in Denver, CO

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