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A Scandalous,


chapter in history

This is for anyone looking to channel the 1920s by attending an inclusive and Gatsby-inspired speakeasy in Denver, CO. Learn more about the Cottonwood Club and experience a night filled with unforgettable performances. 

Speakeasy, Night club, Night life, Moët, Denver, Colorado, Cottonwood Club
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Speakeasy in Denver, CO

Origin of the Speakeasy 

The term speakeasy dates back to the 1920s during the Prohibition Era. During this time, any sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited. Despite the legality, speakeasies in the 1920s were numerous and heavily attended. Speakeasies are also referred to as “blind tiger” or “blind pig.” These names originated from club operators that would charge customers to see an animal then offer “complimentary” alcoholic beverages to bypass the law. 


Even though these venues were often raided by police, they remained a central aspect of American culture. Initially, speakeasies did not include entertainment, but as they popularized, entertainment became a focal point of the establishment. For the first time in history, women danced freely with dresses that showed their ankles. The time signified freedom and the loosening of morality.

Experience the Cottonwood Club Denver 

Don’t “speak easy” about the Cottonwood Club Denver. This inclusive club is welcome to all who dress for the occasion. Best dressed prizes will be awarded to those who know how to go all out.


Feel free to let loose and dance the night away because what happens at this speakeasy... never happened.

Speakeasy, Cottonwood Club Denver, Denver, Colorado, Night Club
Champagne, Cottonwood Club 2019, Speakeasy
Speakeasy, Night Club, Dance Club, Cottonwood, Club, Denver, Colorado, night life
Cottonwood Club 2019, Speakeasy,
Black Iris Collective DJ Fusion Band

Bringing Back the 1920s Speakeasy

The Cottonwood Club aims to capture the unique excitement and scandalous environment of a 1920s speakeasy. When entering the Cottonwood Club, guests are transported back to a time filled with flappers and wild youth. Similar to acts seen in the twenties, guests will experience unforgettable performances by the Honey Taps, Circus Foundry, and Black Iris Collective. The only difference from a 1920s speakeasy being the alcohol is completely legal. The Cottonwood offers specialty cocktails, beer, and wine. On select dates, luxury champagne samples will be offered to all attendees to enjoy.